1 Jul

Ok, so this is something I have been thinking about doing for-EVAH, or at least since someone suggested it to me, that I, you know, BLOG, about a year ago. And it seemed like this impossibly tremendous task, and that I’d have to learn HTML, whatever that is, and that I really just didn’t have the time. Or really, to be honest, the interest (re: HTML). And then I treated my neighbor, who happens to be a total (not partial) computer GENIUS, to tea, and asked him all these questions about blogging, and I even took notes. And this was, let’s see, sometime last September I believe. So, to recap: first suggested to me by an editor who said that that way (via blogging) I can amass some (fabulous) (last parenthetical note ALL MINE) clips – last June. Tutorial with Resident Genius – Last September. My first blog – PRICELESS.

And I’m realizing, of course, that more than merely that HTML thing (which, P.S., I totally didn’t have to learn (!) How’s that for self-created limitations???), blogging is pretty much, totally scary, to put yourself out there like that/this, so immediately, without a whole ton of time to censor yourself. Plus, and this is a biggie, how do all those people who blog about like, TOTALLY PERSONAL STUFF, maintain any relationships or jobs AT ALL? We shall see….

So, a little bit about me, and why you should read this, and check in on me from time-to-time, to you know, see how I’m doing and what for heaven’s sake is going on in “the telling days in the life of Jennifer G.” as someone I was in a writing workshop with once put it. Although, I am just going to say right now that I fully intend to enjoy this process and not rely on whether or not you decide to check on in me to create my sense of self and/or to validate my existence. But should you choose to proceed, let’s take a moment to get to know me:

I am a writer. I know, like, duh. I teach writing workshops. I also take my own class ‘cause I love it so much. So this blog is gonna be stuff that I write in class, plus potentially break-through insights I have (I don’t want to oversell this here, but I have been known to have some motherf-ing huge insights), and like, miscellaneous other stuff that’s on my mind. Oh, and I also want to use this blog to help me keep up with my own thoughts – which come pretty much fast & furious – and give them someplace to spill out and go, go, run like the wind! ‘Cause a lot of the time they get to feelin’ pretty backed up and coagulated with no/not enough outlet(s) in sight, and I really wanna set those suckers free. Writing grounds me A LOT and hooks me solidly into this, the present moment, which more often than not seems so impossibly elusive and flip-floppy, like a slippery fish or a greased watermelon (going with the seasonally-appropriate 4th of July festivities theme) or something. If I have something I know I want to say and nowhere to write it, I get decidedly restless, and agitated. And we’ll see, maybe my blog, and my reasons for doing this, will morph and change and grow over time, one never can really know…

And some more: I promote busting through and past that hideous censor. Just leave that fucker IN THE DUST. My favorite color is PINK. I drink a lot (read: A TON) of coffee, preferably the really strong kind, from Starbucks (FYI, I would be SO HAPPY if they wanted to be my corporate sponsor, I am totally not above that). I really like CAPS, ellipses, and parenthetical notes. I have a lot of energy (the coffee? No, I’m pretty sure I would have a lot of energy anyway) and I freakin’ love to write. Let’s go on an adventure…

It’s late. And I’m tired. And my heart is palpitating from too much caffeine. And I should probably think about this more and reread and censor it when I’m more well, well-rested, as opposed to say, clicking that ominous orange “Publish Post” button right now. BUT. Censor-overriding is what I’m all about, and I’ve found that this is easiest to do when I am sleep-deprived.



Jen G.

3 Responses to “I’M READY (IN ALL CAPS)”

  1. nicole July 2, 2006 at 4:53 pm #

    so who/what do you write for? would I have read any of your stuff? what’s your favorite type of material to write?

  2. Justinanne July 2, 2006 at 8:07 pm #

    HAHAHA…i love your sleep-deprivation-caffeine-fueled freak outs. i feel like i’m there with you. do you ever step away from the keyboard for a little fetal position moment?

  3. Jennifer Garam July 11, 2006 at 10:37 pm #

    I may have had a few of those fetal position moments of which you speak when I was in college. I’m glad you can relate…

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