Who The %^*$# Put That Brick There?!

17 Oct

Hey there!


Hope you are enjoying this fabulous fall, rainy weather and all! I am in still in O for October and (letting go of) Obstacles month, here are some updates…


I co-taught the very-first ever Releasing Obstacles Yoga & Writing Workshop last weekend with the incredible Robin Pickering and it was a great success! We spent the day with a truly phenomenal group of women yoga-ing and writing, and I even put my money where my mouth is and let go of an obstacle myself on-the-spot! I got up (and stayed up!) in headstand curl, my own affectionate term for that pre-headstand pose where you are balancing on your head and your legs are curled in. I have been practicing yoga for 8 1/2 years and have had a major fear of this pose the whole time! I remember early on in my yogic career hearing somebody say that it took them 5 years of practicing to get up in headstand, so I was like: “Cool, good to know, I have plenty of time,” and then I let myself off the hook for the next 8 1/2 years without really trying, and just opting instead to kind of make a show of rolling around on my head and killing time for a few minutes during the headstand portion of class, before resting in child’s pose. Phew. That resistance/avoidance thang is exhausting.


This is how it always went. Until last weekend. I was so excited I got (and stayed!) up, I was wiggling my toes the whole time like, “Look, Ma, no, er, feet!” hoping that the teacher (Robin) would see, since I was afraid to speak, thinking that any vocal vibrational frequencies might topple me over. Anyway, it wasn’t a fluke, and I have since repeated this feat, and these days you can find me, you know, hanging out upside-down balanced on my head and wiggling my toes whenever I get the chance…this of course can be some great metaphor for my life, which I am still in the process of narrowing down and figuring out…


And speaking of metaphors, I am taking a week off from the sub-theme of this month, which is John Mayer, but rest-assured I will return to him again next week unless some new, better inspiration (is this even possible???) crops up between now and then. This week, in sticking with the obstacle thang, and the metaphor thang, I am republishing a posting from my blog about a time I felt stuck…


Thanks for reading and HAPPY WRITING!!! Have a phenomenal week!!!


Lots of love!



See: “My Bathtub is a Metaphor for My Life” – Monday, August 21, 2006 (The title of this posting only makes sense when cross-referenced with that particular blog posting. And then it will all come together. I love when that happens…)

Copyright © 2006 by Jennifer Garam.  All rights reserved.

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