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I Almost Didn’t Go to the Maroon 5 Concert on Wednesday…

13 Oct

Over the summer, my friend Lissette decided to buy Maroon 5 concert tickets at Madison Square Garden, and on July 16th, the concert date of October 10th seemed far enough away to make me say Yes to this plan.

As summer turned to fall, panic about my concert commitment began to set in, and by October 1st I wanted out.  I had just started a new job and was feeling stressed out and exhausted trying to get acclimated, and the thought of being out late at a concert under these circumstances stressed me out even more.  I needed a nap, not Adam Levine.  Or so I thought…

I mentioned my dilemma to a co-worker who wisely said:  “You should go.  You are not going to remember the day that you were perfectly well-rested, you’ll remember the concert.”

This got me thinking.  I always want to be that person who does varied and interesting things in her spare time – like going to Maroon 5 concerts, taking hip-hop and salsa dancing classes, jetting off to wine tasting tours in Northern California, scaling mountains, and traveling the world.  But as the concert approached, I came to accept that I am not that person.  I am a person who likes to sit at home in my GAP lounge-y pants and sweatshirt, reading self-help books and sipping Starbucks.  I am a person who needs 8 hours of sleep. 

And so I tried to unload my ticket.  But I made a little deal in my head that if someone bought my ticket from me then great, I would get 8 full, joyous, delicious hours of sleep that night.  But if nobody wanted my ticket, then it was a sign from the Universe that I was meant to go to the concert.  That maybe I am or could be that world-traveling, mountain-climbing, concert-going, whimsical, spontaneous, adventurous person I dream of being.

After several pleading emails to various friends and email distribution lists, my ticket still hadn’t budged, so the night before the concert, with my co-worker’s words of wisdom and my bargain with the Universe in my mind, I decided to suck it up and go. 

The night started out when I met my friends at Stout NYC near Madison Square Garden for a pre-concert dinner, where I had The. Perfect. Meal – spinach artichoke dip, chicken fingers, and mini-burgers.  When I was just out of college, one of my favorite things to do was go to happy hours with my roommates and eat greasy appetizers-as-dinner, but I have not eaten bar food in so many years I had forgotten how fulfilling it was.  An old Maroon 5 concert played out on huge screens all around the bar, and as the music blasted and I scooped out cheesy dip with a pita chip, my energy level started to soar.

Lissette had spent 40 minutes online in July trying to secure the best possible seats for the concert, but when we got there we found that although our seats were close to the stage, they were behind it, so we only had partial visibility.  Once Maroon 5 came onstage however, we realized that the part of the view we had was Adam Levine’s butt, and that, combined with the energy and excitment of just being at a concert at Madison Square Garden, made it all better.

Some concert highlights include when a woman threw her bra on the stage, prompting an impressive spontaneous monologue by Adam regarding the different kinds of bras that get thrown onstage (store bought for the occasion, or off-the-body authentic), and he deemed that this one was authentic when a bra-less audience member came forward to cop to the throw.

Also, I was surprised to learn that this was the first time that Maroon 5 played Madison Square Garden.  Adam Levine was so un-jaded, and kept talking about how excited he was to play there, and how excited he was that they sold it out.  At one point, he stopped mid-song and just stood there smiling and looking around, and he genuinely seemed to be having the time of his life soaking it all in.  He told a story of how when he and one of his bandmates were 12-years-old, they used to talk about how one day they would be in a band, and that band would play in places like Madison Square Garden.  It was like The Secret goes all Behind the Music.  And then, being the Brooklyn Girl that I am, I had to appreciate the shout-out he gave to his Grandma from Brooklyn, who was in the house.

And the best part of all?  The concert ended at 10:30, and after hopping in a cab, I was home in bed by 11!  As my other friend Karen said, we were able to do this concert “Granny-Style” and still be home on time to get our full 8 hours of sleep.  Afterall, I’m no recent college grad anymore…

The last time I went to a concert in Madison Square Garden was in 1999 to see the Bare Naked Ladies, and I’m not sure if this even counts because they played in the Theater at Madison Sqaure Garden, and not MSG proper.  And the time before that was in 1993 to see Bruce, which was a high school graduation present.  And I almost didn’t go to the Maroon 5 concert on Wednesday.  But I’m so glad I did.

Lissette wants to order tickets for another concert now, and I just might say Yes.

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