Texting: A Status Update

22 Apr

So, I’ve been texting for a little over a week now, and I thought it was time to check back in with a status update.  I think it is safe to say at this point that I am past the honeymoon phase, meaning that I am no longer texting everyone in my Contacts to say, “Hey!  I can txt now!!!” or staring at my phone watching for a new incoming text.  

However, lest you think I am jaded and blase about texting, I would define this new stage of texting I am entering as the blissful newlywed phase; I still get a giddy jolt from the beep that announces a new text in my Inbox, and my heart wells up with appreciation at the convenience of texting someone to tell them that I can or can’t make a plan.  In short, some of the novelty has worn off, but me and texting have fallen into a comfortable routine, and a familiarity and security have developed that makes our relationship deeper and more meaningful than a fly-by-night fling.

Also in the update department, my friend gave me a snappy nickname associated with my new habit.  To backtrack, last week I had a multiple-text exchange with her during my lunch break in a very short period of time, and she marveled at my mad texting skillz.  This weekend we were possibly going to meet up and she texted me “Where are u mt?”  I saw the ‘mt’ but my brain just breezed over it and without thinking it out too much (as if I had I would have realized that this didn’t make any sense), I thought that maybe it was a typo for ‘now’ as in “Where are u now?” or perhaps something having to do with Mountain Time.  But the next day she pointed out that it stood for Mad Texter, and hence, my new nickname, which is really catching on.

And speaking of Mad Texting Skillz, my co-worker C has become my texting inspiration/mentor.  She is 23 and just graduated from college, so she is a card-carrying member of The Texting Generation.  As a Level 5 Texter, she told me that sometimes, when she wants to show off, she will text, without looking, while crossing the street.  And she doesn’t even have the kind of phone with a full keyboard (training wheels) like I do.  She also has to clean out texts from her Inbox 2-3 times a day.

I am a fast learner but I’d place myself more at a Level 3, on the Advanced Placement Track, excited for what this next phase will bring.

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One Response to “Texting: A Status Update”

  1. Mark March 25, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    I found your site by searching for folks who felt left out of social circles because they don’t text. I’m starting to feel that by still relying on e-mail I’m antiquated. My only mobile phone is my work-provided one, and it has not texting plan. It’s starting to make me feel left out of a relationship with two of my good online friends (we got to know each other through our blogs and have since met in person twice for long weekends). They text and Skype, and I only hear about it later, if at all. They have stopped updating their blogs and aren’t as active commenting on mine.

    Maybe a personal mobile phone with texting is in my future.

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