So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Makes Me SO Happy!!!

13 Jun

Last summer I got hooked on So You Think You Dance, and back in July of 2007 it was one of my favorite blog topics (see:  So…You Think You Can Dance?  Why Not SHINE? and Arrogance Vs. Confidence & How This Relates to So You Think You Can Dance & YOU)  Sooooo…as the countdown to Season 4 began, my excitement intensified daily.  I half-heartedly sort of watched, sort of didn’t watch the auditions, but I what I was really waiting for was for THE COMPETITION to begin!  (and by the way, why is this phenomenal show only on once a year???)

The real show began this week.  So my friend K, who got me hooked on the show last summer, and I texted back and forth on Wednesday confirming our plans to watch it that night.  I remember the exact moment my So You Think You Can Dance obsession/addiction began last summer:  I had stopped by to visit K while she was watching SYTYCD, and sat, transfixed, breathless even, on her easy chair as as Danny & Anya danced Tyce DiOrio’s contemporary routine to “Apologize” by One Republic.  Transfixed.  Breathless.

Wednesday night, I sat on that same easy chair, giddy with anticipation for the new season to truly begin, and wondering, not for the first time, how I’ve made it all these months without Nigel, Mary and the Gang.  And then it was finally time:  Cat Deeley (unquestionably the best television host of all time) came on the screen and in her trademark British accent announced:  “And this is SoYouThinkYaCanDance!”  K and I spontaneously both broke into wild applause, as if we were in the studio audience, only we weren’t; we were in a studio apartment.

I’m not gonna lie – the first few moments were rough.  We missed our “friends” from last season, we were attached – me especially to Danny, and K to Neil.  The show kicked off with a montage of what turned out to be highlights from this season’s auditions, but what I had hoped would be highlights from last season’s show – I just couldn’t let go, I wasn’t ready to move on.

But then, about 4 numbers into the show and I was like, “Danny, who?” and K was like, “Neil, what?”  These new peeps were good.  Having watched obsessively last season, I have gained, by osmosis, my own dance critique vocabulary, and I often know what the “jidges” will say before they even say it.  For instance, I knew that the first couple, Rayven & Jamie, didn’t hit their hip hop routine hard enough, and that they needed to “get down” into it more, but overall, this season had a strong beginning and the dancers were poised and confident right out of the gate.  There were a lot of good, solid performances and my attachment to the Season 3 cast was starting to loosen, but still, I wasn’t totally blown away by anyone, the way I was last summer on that fateful hot, July evening, by Danny/Anya/One Republic.

Until.  Katee.  Joshua.  “No Air.”  Jordin Sparks f. Chris Brown.  I got that same, breathless, punched in the stomach (in a good way) feeling from their dance about a couple the night before the boyfriend has to go to Iraq.  First of all, the choreography was, well, breath-taking.  (side note:  Tabitha & Napoleon are officially my favorite choreographers, and also, such an adorable little hip-hop couple!  And K pointed out, and then paused and rewound her DVR to illustrate her point, that whenever Tabitha talks, her husband Napoleon gazes at her with that perfect mixture of awe, love, and admiration.)  And then, this dance required Joshua and Katee to act, which had the potential to go in a way cheesy direction, but they totally nailed it and it went in a way moving one instead.  Their emotion was genuine, like they felt their way through every second of their performance, and on top of that even, their chemistry together was incredible.  And most of all, the dance was so phenomenal, that I didn’t even notice the individual steps or technique, I just got completely swept away in their love story.  Transfixed.  Breathless.  And also endearing:  Joshua, who looks like this tough, badass hip hop guy, is so humble, and cried every time he advanced to the next round throughout the auditions, and last night on the results show.  Katee and Joshua infused hip hop with heart, and to quote Adam Shankman re: last season’s Sabra & Dominic dance to “Make It Work” by Neyo, “Hip hop just had a nice breakthrough tonight.”

Watching the results show last night, I was overjoyed that Katee and Joshua made it through and I will get to see them dance again next week.  On the flip side, seeing Will in the bottom 3 couples brought back my feelings of outrage and helplessness when Danny kept getting in the bottom 3, week after week.  But that is par for the course when you love SYTYCD as much as I do – with the intense highs, come the devastating lows.

Season 3 will always hold a special place in my heart, but I am ready to move on, and so excited to get to know my new “friends” of Summer ’08, Season 4.  And I wait here, breathless, as if there is “No Air,” for next week’s episode and what it will bring.  According to the ticking countdown clock on the FOX website, there are only 5 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes, and 29 seconds until Week 2….

7 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Makes Me SO Happy!!!”

  1. jack June 14, 2008 at 12:18 pm #


    the season, for the initiaqted has been vastly extended, darned near year round, depending on how clever you are.

    it may take a little effort on yout part, and a goodinternet connection, but i find it worth it.

    imediately prior to this year’s SYTYCD, australia wrapped up its first ever version, and this is now preserved online via youtube. you get less of the”show” which i gather you like better than i, but more of the DANCING, which is what i watch for.

    the wonderful gal who did ALL that work so the world could watch with australia can be found by searching youtube for sytycdaustralia. she has created a channel for it, and you can just check out the last few peformances, or go through the whole season. i recommend the latter.

    on top of that, juat as our sytycd is ending, +/- a few weeks, CANADA is kicking off THEIR first sytycd, and one of the choreographer/judges will be 1st season stand out blake mcgrath. (tip, youtube him, google as well. his dance studio work doesn’t show him off, as he is usually teaching, but his show dances, and his many roles in music videos are proof of his status as a prince of dance)

    if you become obsessed, MANY other countries have the show now as well, but there you run into the language barrier.



    ps: vote for MATT, just to keep him away from nigel,at least for a while (he’s the one who was the recipient of the gross broomstick and humiliating no personality cracks. reminds me of thebeating danny tidwell took for being so graceful and well trained.)

  2. Jennifer Garam June 14, 2008 at 12:33 pm #

    Thanks for the info, Jack!

  3. Carol June 14, 2008 at 1:50 pm #

    Jack – I too watched SYTYCD Australia to keep me going until the start of our US season. Weren’t the Australian dancers fabulous??!! I noticed Mary Murphy used the same comments for Wed night’s tango that she used for Rhys & Jemma’s paso doble. Not sure but what she didn’t use it on the Scandinavian show too. If she’s going to be around the globe and on the internet, she’s going to have to be more original! If I can move from the US show to the Canadian show to the Australian show, I’ll be a happy camper.

    Jaimie Bayard hadn’t done much for me so I wasn’t too sad to see him go. I did like Rayven – though I don’t know who I would have picked in her place. They let a couple go so no partner changes for this coming week. Should be a GREAT season.

  4. Sarah June 14, 2008 at 6:18 pm #

    (found your site from BSSYTYCD) your column here seems grounded on the same enthusiasm that I have for this show…and I know nothing about dance and I suddenly find myself judging dancers and regretting the day I quit ballet at age 6? I suddenly find myself defending Mia Michaels with my heart and soul when strangers complain about her in blog threads? I think the dance instinct is in all of us, it’s just some of us are trained and some of us are not. I stumbled upon the show season 2, got hooked to the Ivan and Allison coupling, as well as Benji’s immaculate persona. Unfortunately I missed season 3 (I saw clips, I agree, the Danny arrogance comments were outrageous (interesting article about it in the NYTimes…by the way, he is an unearthly creature, an ADONIS). I have yet to become really attached to any of the contestants in particular, but I must say: Joshua intrigues me.

  5. Sam June 15, 2008 at 7:47 pm #

    I’m the same as Sarah – Allison and Ivan hooked me into the show hardcore, especially the umbrella routine that Shane Sparks choreographed. Still one of my favorites to this day.

    I think a lot of people were surprised that Will was in the bottom 3, but compare the two performances. Will’s was good, right, but I only had to collect my jaw off the floor after one routine, and it was Katee & Joshua’s… that’s what I use to decide who to vote for.

  6. Trina June 17, 2008 at 11:45 am #

    I was breathless too after watching Katee and Joshua. It was intense and I loved it! I LOVE Joshua. He’s so humble and by far the best dancer I have seen in a while, you can’t help but love him!

    If you notice Nigel’s reaction, he was breathless too!!

  7. Art Addict June 24, 2008 at 9:08 pm #

    Hey thanks—didn’t realize there was almost year round things to watch from other competitions. Thanks!

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