Yoga Rage Article on & The Huffington Post!!!

24 Oct

So there’s road rage, and then there’s…yoga rage!  You know, like when you go to a yoga class all ready to relax & unwind, and then some un-spatially aware person sets their mat up right in front of you and you spend the entire class with their feet in your face, and afterwards you wind up feeling enraged instead of enlightened.

I guest blogged on a few weeks ago and wrote a post entitled “Peace and Courtesy on the Mat: 5 Ways to Avoid Yoga Rage.”  I am so excited that my article was featured on the homepage of, and also picked up by The Huffington Post!  Check it out here:

And if you have ever had a bout of yoga rage, please post a comment and share your experiences!

Om shantih!


One Response to “Yoga Rage Article on & The Huffington Post!!!”

  1. 6 Degrees December 14, 2008 at 3:58 pm #

    I realize your post has been up for a while–but I just stumbled on it. My “yoga rage” incident was in a Bikram (hot) yoga class. Within the first couple of minutes, everyone is sweating briskly…which means there’s a personal hygiene issue in play.

    In one class, the man nearest me had such awful body odor that in just a few minutes the noxious fumes were overwhelming. For me, nothing ruins bliss like having to inhale the smell of someone’s funky feet. A little healthy sweat is fine, but this individual smelled like he hadn’t bathed in about a month.

    I ended up leaving the class (there were no other spots available to relocate). I haven’t been able to face another hot yoga class since!

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