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21 Jan

My deep and passionate love of all things hip-hop & R&B prompted me to see the movie “NOTORIOUS” this weekend.  I went with a friend and felt slightly bad that perhaps I was dragging her to all these hip-hop movies (the last time we saw a movie I had suggested “The Wackness”), recognizing that not everyone shares my musical preferences, or um, obsessions.  However, during a scene where the Lil’ Kim character is performing, my friend surprised me by singing along to every single word, revealing her own hip-hop love.

At the end of the movie, Biggie is described a storyteller.  I love the stories that music tells, and the ways in which it tells them; different than a book read or words spoken, how it reaches out in its own way and connects with people, weaving them into its beats and rhymes. 

One of my favorite things to do is have dance parties for one in my apartment.  I turn on R&B or hip-hop and turn it up, loud, and groove around the room.  My Facebook status update is often something along the lines of:  “Jennifer is rocking out to Girl Talk” or “Jennifer is basking in “The Light” by Common,” or “Jennifer is listening to Beyonce & ready to take on the day!”   Dance parties for one are a surefire way to lift my mood and get my energy pumping.

And sometimes, I get so overwhelmed with my desire to MOVE, that I will take my dance party on the road, and bring it on the subway during my rush hour commute, or into the streets, in a contained way on the exterior, but in my mind, I am full-out rocking out.  Since seeing “NOTORIOUS” on Sunday night, the song “Notorious B.I.G” feat. Puff Daddy and Lil’ Kim has been playing in my head on a continuous loop.  I was walking/dancing-in-a-contained-way around my Brooklyn neighborhood singing it under my breath all day on Monday, and that afternoon, I had a lunch at a cafe, and then found myself mid-move, shakin’ it as I was drying my hands under the hand dryer in the bathroom, and I hadn’t totally realized that I had been dancing, nor had a made a conscious decision to start.  I just could not help myself, what with No-No-No-Notorious playing in mind.

On Tuesday, I emailed some friends that if I did not go dancing soon I was going to explode, and we are now planning a Girls Night Out to take this dance party to the dance floor.  I sent them YouTube links to Biggie videos while I danced in my chair and one of my friends wrote back, “I’m glad Biggie got you thinking Big…”  I asked my nearby co-workers if it was OK with them if I played “Notorious B.I.G” out loud on my computer instead of with headphones on and they said yes, turns out they have their own love for hip-hop, too.  You just cannot sit still, you cannot be in bad mood, when you listen to this song. 

I looked up the word “notorious” on and it is defined as “publicly or generally known, as for a particular trait.”  And the chorus of the song goes:  “No-No-No-Notorious, we are, we are, No-No-No-Notorious…”  What if we could be notorious in our own lives, known by those near and maybe even those far, for…our creativity, our boldness, our chutzpah & courage, our thinking-outside-of-the-box-ness, our dancing-in-the-street-ness, our refusal to be confined, our rejection of limitation, our fierce determination to follow our bliss and live juicy & large and never settle for less, our extraordinary commitment to ourselves, our absolute dedication to living our lives, creating our existence, exactly in line with our pure pulsating spirits and our most authentic alive selves, designing our days to shimmer with excitement and glow with possibility, being the way we want to be, and not the way someone, or someones, or society says we should be, never defaulting exhaustedly on auto-pilot, but rather revving up our own engines to the tune of our blasting internal radios, moving our bodies energetically to the rhythm of the beats and the rhymes, telling our own stories, in our own voices, in our own ways, in our own sweet time?  Why then, we truly would be, No-No-No-Notorious.  We are.  We are.  No-No-No-Notorious.

Just press PLAY, and start to rock your life…

Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Garam

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been…”

2 Jan




I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my blog, I am grateful for your interest in Writeous Chicks!  Writeous Chicks was born/hatched 3 years ago next month, in February 2006, and I am so excited to be entering into my fourth year of teaching classes & workshops.  Stay tuned for lots of fun & exciting things to come this year & beyond!



I love this time of year.  I love the feeling that I can let go of everything that was weighing me down and holding me back, and leave it behind in the year that has just passed.  I love taking time to reflect on my past year, and set goals and get excited about the year to come, filled with the hope and possibility of what’s yet to be created, what’s still to unfold. 


The problem that most people face is that after the first few weeks of January, their goals dissolve, dreams disappear, and hope fizzles away into the pressures, stress, and obligations of daily life, and things return to status quo.  Once again you feel like you are stuck and confined, sleepwalking dispassionately through a life you were so excited about only weeks before.


So here’s a little 2009 challenge for you – this year, hold on to your dreams, to your hopes, to your expansive possibilities.  Hold onto them today, through March, into August, and all the way to next December, and let them carry you into your next year, too.  Don’t just create your goals and dream your dreams this week, fold up that piece of paper or that corner of your mind, tuck it in the back of a drawer, and forget it about.  Post it up somewhere you can see it daily, re-read it often, review it mentally, check your progress, make adjustments when you are veering off-course, share your accomplishments with your friends and family, and celebrate yourself.  Truly live the life you want to live, the one that is strongly aligned with your deepest dreams and most passionate desires.  Allow yourself to dream big.  Wait, a little bigger.  And bigger still.  And then, above all, HOLD ON.  Do not let the practicalities, obligations, and limitations of the world take your dreams away from you.


Let this year be the year you stand up for your dreams, stand by your self, and take a stand for your life.  Let 2009 be the year you value your own stories, express your full authentic self, and let your voice be heard.  And may your greatest creation of all be your big, dreamy, passionate, exciting life!


Wishing you a year filled with unlimited possibilities, even greater than you could have imagined!


“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been…”



With lots of love,


Jen xoxo


Copyright © 2009 by Jennifer Garam