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Guest Blog on CrazySexyLife!

21 Jan

I’m so super-excited that the AWESOME website CrazySexyLife republished a blog I had written for Hip Slope Mama entitled “When The Universe Plays Hard To Get.”  CrazySexyLife is a great website about health, healing, nutrition, wellness, spirituality, personal growth & more!  Please check it out:

Thank you!

Mean Girls In The House!

20 Jan

I’ve openly admitted that while watching “The Bachelor” upsets me for many reasons, and on many levels, I just can’t stop watching it.  I giddily anticipate each Monday night’s installment of reality drama, which I watch with my good friend as we provide a running commentary, and when it gets really juicy, have to pause the DVR to discuss and analyze.  To me, it feels like devouring an entire container of delicious ice cream in a state of almost unconscious bliss, and then feeling sick to my stomach afterwards.

This week’s episode reminded me of 2nd grade.  When I was in high school, I was a camp counselor for the 2nd grade girls group, and each day they would pick one girl to hate, and then they’d all make fun of her and say things like, “She has cooties, don’t let her on the tire swings!”  There didn’t seem to be any substantial reason for why all this meanness was directed at that particular girl, and the next day it could easily flip and another girl would be the object of ostracization, and banned from the tire swings.  And when I myself was in 2nd grade, I was the girl that everyone decided to hate and ignore on the playground one day, and the next, in an attempt to save myself, I was leading the brigade against someone else.

This week on “The Bachelor,” it felt like Vienna was the girl that everyone decided not to let on the tire swings, in an attempt to save themselves.  Obviously as viewers, we don’t get to see everything that goes on in the house, but what we have seen gives no evidence to substantiate all the meanness that is being directed at her. 

It was as if all of the rest of the women had sat down in a circle on the playground and come up with a script:  “If Jake likes Vienna then he won’t like me, because we’re so different (implying difference in a way that makes them better and Vienna worse),” “She talks bad about all the girls in the house,” “He’s not seeing the real Vienna,” and “She needs to leave.”  And then they all repeated some variation of this pre-agreed-upon script to Jake. 

It went a step further when Corrie made Vienna the butt of her stand-up comedy routine as the rest of the women laughed, clapped, and cheered when Vienna wasn’t even there to defend herself, and then Ali came off as the Leader of the Mean Girls making statements to Vienna like, “We don’t like you,” and “I just have to tell you that you are responsible for completely upsetting Elizabeth.”

But yet, based on what we’ve seen so far, Vienna seems like the most honest, real, articulate, and down-to-earth woman on the show, and like she has the sweetest and most sincere, and dare I say deepest connection with Jake.  And when she tried to sincerely apologize to the group if she had upset them, when really, they should have been apologizing to her, they verbally attacked her again.

All the women are rallying around how horrible Vienna is and telling that to Jake every chance they get, which just reflects poorly on them and makes them look cruel and petty.  I only hope that Jake isn’t influenced by all these mean comments, and that he can “follow his heart” “on the wings of love”…

At the end of the episode, I turned to my friend.  Her face was scrunched up and she was hunched forward at the edge of her seat.  She collapsed back into it and sighed, “I’m exhausted!”

“I have a stomach ache!” I replied, still so upset about how the women had treated Vienna, compounded with the dizziness that had resulted from the antics of Elizabeth and Michelle.  “Can’t wait ’til next week!”

And while my stomach hurt and I felt dizzy and tired, I was already craving my next fix.  I just hope that next week they let Vienna on the tire swings…