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My Essay on The Huffington Post!

28 Jun

I have an essay on the HuffPost Women section of The Huffington Post!

“Why I Had an Affair With a Married Man”

My Self-Help Overdose Article on The Frisky!

6 Jun

Read about my self-help overdose, detox, and road to recovery in my article “How I Overdosed On Self-Help” on The Frisky!

I’m Blogging for Psychology Today!

26 Apr

I’m writing a blog on called Progress Not Perfection and this is my first post!

“I Was Diagnosed with OCD”

Please check it out!

My Comparing Myself To My Ex Article on The Frisky!

19 Apr

I’m so excited to have another article on The Frisky! While I was writing it, I ran into a friend at Starbucks.

“What’s it about?” he asked.

“My ex is really, really successful,” I said.

“Oh,” he said, nodding, “I’m so sorry.”

Read all about it in my Frisky article, “How I Finally Stopped Comparing Myself To My Ex”!

My Nerdy Flirting Article on The Frisky!

6 Dec

I’m so excited to have an article on The Frisky! Check out “My Nerdy Flirting” and read about why I love it when guys talk dictionary to me!

Will Bikram Yoga Help Me Get Over My Ex?

18 May

Check out my guest blog on Crazy Sexy Life (love this site, so excited!) to find out!


Jen xoxo

Guest Blog on CrazySexyLife!

21 Jan

I’m so super-excited that the AWESOME website CrazySexyLife republished a blog I had written for Hip Slope Mama entitled “When The Universe Plays Hard To Get.”  CrazySexyLife is a great website about health, healing, nutrition, wellness, spirituality, personal growth & more!  Please check it out:

Thank you!

Fun News Re: Article!

28 Aug

Some fun, exciting news about my yoga dates article, “Sick of the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga is the Hot New Way to Get Close”

* It was mentioned on celebrity/style website “The Frisky,” on the same page as Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag!

* Love, sex, and relationship blogger “Ask Bella More” wrote about it

* Jordann Rawls wrote about it on

* And special thanks to my friend Amanda for mentioning it on her blog “Cake & Carrots”


Enjoy this yummy rainy cozy day and have a deliciously delightful weekend!



Yoga Is The New Dating…

20 Aug


I wanted to share an article I wrote for entitled “Sick Of  the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga Is the Hot New Way to Get Close,” which I am so excited to report is currently being featured on the homepage of!!!  If you are thinking about going on a yoga date, read this first for tips and cautionary factors to consider beforehand, and if you never ever plan on going on a yoga date, please check it out anyway just for fun!  AND, if you enjoy the article, please share it with others and forward to friends and/or post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.!

Thank you & Namaste!



Yoga Rage Article on & The Huffington Post!!!

24 Oct

So there’s road rage, and then there’s…yoga rage!  You know, like when you go to a yoga class all ready to relax & unwind, and then some un-spatially aware person sets their mat up right in front of you and you spend the entire class with their feet in your face, and afterwards you wind up feeling enraged instead of enlightened.

I guest blogged on a few weeks ago and wrote a post entitled “Peace and Courtesy on the Mat: 5 Ways to Avoid Yoga Rage.”  I am so excited that my article was featured on the homepage of, and also picked up by The Huffington Post!  Check it out here:

And if you have ever had a bout of yoga rage, please post a comment and share your experiences!

Om shantih!