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Release Obstacles WRITE NOW Writing Workshop on June 9th!

7 May

I’m teaching a Writeous Chicks one-day writing workshop for women on Saturday, June 9th! Release Obstacles WRITE NOW! will take place from 1:00pm – 4:30pm in Midtown Manhattan, and I am offering an Early Chick Registration Discount if you sign up before May 23rd. This workshop will focus on breaking through blocks in your writing and your life, using your obstacles to spark your creativity, and finding your voice.

Click here for more information.

Get Centered & Reconnect With Your Self Journaling Workshop on Dec. 8th!

22 Nov

It’s easy to feel depleted, disconnected, and out of alignment anytime, but especially at this time of year!  I’m teaching a pre-holiday Get Centered journaling workshop, so you can take time out to reconnect with yourself and feel replenished, refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the season!

Get Centered & Reconnect With Your Self Journaling Workshop for Women will take place on Wednesday, December 8th from 7:00-9:00pm in Midtown Manhattan.  Space is limited, visit for more information or email to reserve your spot in this workshop!

FREE Yoga & Writing Workshop at lululemon athletica Brooklyn on Oct. 19th!

5 Oct

lululemon’s manifesto

I am so excited to be co-teaching a yoga & writing workshop with one of my favorite yoga teachers, Kate Reil, at one of my favorite places, lululemon athletica Brooklyn!  Replenish, Revitalize, & Realign will take place on Tuesday, October 19th from 6:30-8:30pm at the lululemon athletica Brooklyn Showroom in Park Slope and it is FREE!  For more information, visit this website and to RSVP email

Writing Workshop at The Educational Alliance on May 11th!

29 Mar

I am super-excited to be teaching an upcoming writing workshop at The Educational Alliance on the Lower East Side!  WRITE NOW: Writing for Women will take place on Tuesday, May 11th from 6:30pm-9:30pm, and will focus on breaking through blocks, finding your voice, and using writing as a means to get off autopilot, actively engage in your life, and nurture yourself!  Pre-registration is required, for more information and to sign-up visit this website:

Hope to see you in class!

Lots of love!

Jen xoxo

RELEASE OBSTACLES on June 20th – New Manhattan Location!!!

3 May


A few months ago I held my Release Obstacles WRITE NOW! workshop and I am so excited to be offering it again this June!  Releasing obstacles is a theme that is very personally significant to me, as I have hit many periods of extreme, frustrating stuck-ness in my life, where I’ve encountered, time and again, that feeling of hitting (sometimes slamming) my head up against a brick wall, and the more I try and try and try to make things better, the more exhausted, depleted, and stuck I become. 

Many years ago, a friend said to me, “Maybe you aren’t banging your head up against a brick wall.  Maybe it’s just one brick, and if you take a step back, you can just…walk around it.”  My response to her then was, “Who the $&#@ put that brick there?  Like, hanging in the middle of space, at the level of my head?!?!”  But of course, I recognized the wisdom of her words; when everything feels hopeless and you feel lost, when you can’t figure your way out of a stuck place by staring at your problem and banging your head up against it, perspective usually helps.  And when you take a step back and disentangle yourself from whatever it is that is holding you captive, it loosens its grip on you, and you find, that sometimes, you can release it, and it releases you…

Right now this topic feels especially relevant given the current economic climate and pervasive fear in the world.  So whether your obstacles are out there or in here, feel like they were imposed on you or perhaps self-created, take a day to step back, tap into compassionate awareness & see some other possibilities, walk around that one freestanding brick, and let them go.  And start your summer off a little lighter & freer!

This workshop will be offered at a new location in MANHATTAN in Midtown West close to most subway lines, and I am offering an Early Chick Registration Discount if you sign up before Thursday, May 21st!  For more information click here.

And SAVE THE DATE(S) for the following upcoming Writeous Chicks workshops this summer!  Pre-registration is currently available for the below workshops, please inquire for more information!

  • Declare Your IN-Dependence (Dependence INWARD) WRITE NOW! – Saturday, July 18th from 12-4pm in Brooklyn
  • Your Time To Shine WRITE NOW! – Sunday, August 9th from 12-4pm in Brooklyn

And STAY TUNED for more Writeous Chicks classes & workshops coming soon!

Have a fantastic day!  May this month put a little SPRING in your step!

Lots of love!

Jen xoxo

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It’s All About Luuuuvvvvv on February 23rd!!!

21 Jan

I am teaching a one-day writing workshop called It’s All About Love WRITE NOW! on Saturday, February 23rd from 1:00-4:30pm.  Click on Upcoming Classes & Workshops for more information!

Off Hiatus & January One-Day Workshop!

4 Dec

Good news – I am officially off hiatus and will be teaching on a very limited schedule starting in January!  And I am so excited to be offering a one-day workshop on January 12th to kick off the new year!  WRITE Into The New Year! is an All-Day Writing Party, which is a deluxe, super-sized, full-day version of my WRITE NOW! workshops.  This class is perfect for you if you want more time to explore your voice & your stories, and to take your writing practice even further.  Devote an entire day JUST FOR YOU and see what unfolds…If you think you can’t write all day, or that you will run out of things to say:  You can.  And you won’t.

Join me on Saturday, January 12th to set the tone for the new year and kick 2008 off right (or um, write!)!  Click here for details.

Hope to see you in class!!!

Lots of love!

Jen xoxo

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