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So You Think You Can Dance Must Be The Foundation of My Summer

15 Jun

After last week’s joyous reunion of me, with So You Think You Can Dance, I immediately started to anticipate next week’s episode, and the one after that, and the one after that.  On Friday night as I was coming home around midnight, I ran into my neighbor K (otherwise known as my cohort in So You Think You Can Dance obsession) and her boyfriend, who were returning from his birthday dinner.  K and I got involved in a detailed recap conversation about this week’s SYTYCD, because it’s not enough to just watch it; part of the fun comes from endless dissecting and reliving the episodes.  This went on for some time when the conversation turned to Joshua, and K and I agreed that part of what is so inspiring about him is that he’s been through a lot; he was raised by a single mother, and their water was even turned off when he was growing up, as we learned in the video prior to his and Katee’s dance… “He’s been through a lot,” K said. “He’s been through a lot,” I echoed, and we nodded, gravely.  When I turned and realized that K’s boyfriend had been through a lot, too.  It was midnight on his birthday and he was been subjected to an endless SYTYCD recap, so K and I wrapped it up, and they went on their way.

The next morning I ran into K when I was coming out of the elevator, which gave us another opportunity to talk SYTYCD, because there is always, always, more to say on the subject, or at least, different ways to say the same things over and over again. We confirmed our plans to watch this week’s episode which was then only 4 days away, and she offered to order take-out in advance so it would be there already when the show started and we wouldn’t have to waste any time on ordering. She then suggested that she might work on putting together a Greatest Hits reel by taping our favorite dances off her DVR from last season (Neil & Sabra “The Plange,” Danny & Anya “Apologize”…) and this season (Katee & Joshu’s “No Air,” and more favorites TK…), to watch in a continuous loop.

As plans for this week’s episode fell into place, I suddenly realized with a start that there might come a time when I have a conflict and won’t be able to see an episode on the night that it airs.  I don’t have a huge problem with missing a results show because you can pretty much get up to speed quickly on all that goes down in a results show, and I’m OK with missing the group dance if it is anything like Nigel’s “kidnapping” from last week.  But to miss the actual episode, the actual event, well, it just wouldn’t be the same to watch that after the fact.  Information would leak out, one would already know stuff, and that magical electricity would not be there.

It became clear to me, in that moment, that I must make So You Think You Can Dance the foundation of my summer, around which everything else is planned.  That way, I can see every episode during it’s originally scheduled time.  That way, SYTYCD will be my anchor.