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Fun News Re: Health.com Article!

28 Aug

Some fun, exciting news about my Health.com yoga dates article, “Sick of the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga is the Hot New Way to Get Close”

* It was mentioned on celebrity/style website “The Frisky,” on the same page as Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag!  http://tinyurl.com/n5mcol

* Love, sex, and relationship blogger “Ask Bella More” wrote about it  http://tinyurl.com/nn2hgq

* Jordann Rawls wrote about it on Examiner.com http://tinyurl.com/mxzush

* And special thanks to my friend Amanda for mentioning it on her blog “Cake & Carrots”  http://tinyurl.com/nazogo


Enjoy this yummy rainy cozy day and have a deliciously delightful weekend!



Yoga Is The New Dating…

20 Aug


I wanted to share an article I wrote for Health.com entitled “Sick Of  the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga Is the Hot New Way to Get Close,” which I am so excited to report is currently being featured on the homepage of Health.com!!!  If you are thinking about going on a yoga date, read this first for tips and cautionary factors to consider beforehand, and if you never ever plan on going on a yoga date, please check it out anyway just for fun!  AND, if you enjoy the article, please share it with others and forward to friends and/or post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.!


Thank you & Namaste!