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About Jennifer & Her Writing

“Remember the first time you read a Susan Minot or a Melissa Bank?  You were surprised and delighted by a writer who seemed to be channeling many of your inner thoughts.  Jennifer Garam’s prose communicates the same kind of fresh, authentic perspective that resonates within a woman’s soul.”  –Liz Kerrigan, Time Inc.

“Jen Garam’s a true original.  A smart, disarmingly gifted young writer whose voice is at once quirky, insightful and moving.”  –Richard Schotter, Playwright/Professor

“Jen’s writing is fresh, funny and insightful, and like the playwright herself, a pleasure to work with.”  –Tom Coash, Director of New Play Development, Stageworks/Hudson

“Honest and provocative, Garam’s writing shows a terrific ear for dialogue, structure and humor…her love for all facets of theatre is unwavering…Jen Garam emerges not only as a strong leader, but someone you want to know and to work with.”  –Laurie Graff, Author, You Have to Kiss A Lot of Frogs, Looking For Mr. Goodfrog, and The Shiksa Syndrome

“Jen’s energy is both magnetic and infectious.  She has taught me how to really imagine the thing I want, into being!  What a tremendous gift.”  –Wendi Black, Writer/Actor/Producer

“Well said.  I could relate on so many levels over so many years of fighting with myself.  Thank you for putting these ‘hard to admit’ emotions into beautiful words and thank you for finding and giving hope.”  –Comment on DivineCaroline.com

“Fabulous.  You captured perfectly that dizzying spin of emotions, the pain, the sweetness, the chaotic wonderful mess of it all.  Been there, done that, you nailed it.”  –Comment on DivineCaroline.com

About One-Day Writing Workshops

“…The writing, the laughing, the camaraderie, the closeness, the emails afterwards.  One of my top ten days EVER!!”  –Sue, 56, Executive Assistant to CEO

“Things are crazy good with me.  I feel such a shift since “removing obstacles.”  The work you do is soooooooo empowering!”  -Robyn Myhr, Holistic Health Coach

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your writing workshop yesterday.  It was such a wonderful experience for me – so well put together and a truly warm and accepting atmosphere – and such a gorgeous group of women you attracted!  You really have a beautiful spirit and energy about you and that really came through during the workshop and made for a really safe and open environment.”  -Bridget, Actress

“I want to thank you again for such a wonderful class today. It really felt great to be writing again and be around such a talented group of women. I truly appreciate the opportunity for being a part of today’s class.”  -Dayna, 29, Teacher

“The WRITE Into the New Year! Workshop gave me exactly what I needed to feel confident about this year. You truly created an environment of openness, honesty and understanding among the participants. The time flew by, and I was genuinely encouraged by the room. I feel as if this workshop pulled from within me all that I needed to let go of, creating the possibility of real growth this year. I was honored, elated, felt blessed and had a ridiculous amount of fun. You’ve awakened my voice and reminded me to listen to it, always. Thank you for a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to take my next class with you!”  -Ellen, 31

“I have to thank you for a wonderful wonderful workshop! Honestly, I am once again moved by the beauty that you create.  I’ve told so many friends of mine about you and your workshops – I plan to invite many of them to if not the next one, the one after that…Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”  -Maribeth, 45, Writer & Performer

“I love your workshops.  You really attract a great group of women, and I love the personal growth context in them as well.  I’ve come to the right place to learn.”  -Cat, Teacher

“I just had the most wonderful experience on Saturday…It’s not only a freeing, creative process but a wonderful bonding experience as well…And of course…thank you so much for all the wonderful things you did, taught, and helped to create!  I’m still energized.”  -Karen

“I AM SO COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY BY YOU AND THE CLASS LAST NIGHT!  You’re so inspiring, in numerous ways!  I want to finish my f@#$@^ing book and be done with it already…and my energy is renewed. So thanks for re-inspiring me.”  -Eryka Peskin, Director, The Red Tent Women’s Project

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening!  I have to say it was really inspiring and heartening to listen to so many unique, genuine, and courageous voices.  Aside from the sheer talent of many of the women (which, honestly, bowled me over!) I feel that the greater message I got from the evening was how truly human we all are, underneath it all…but also how strong the human spirit can be in overcoming life’s many challenges.  Thanks for your amazing warmth, openness & humor.  It was refreshing to leave a “class” feeling so uplifted!”  -Leigh, 34, Development Officer

“WOW, WOW and Double WOW!!! What an AMAZING evening!  I slept better last night than I have in years, and…Today when I woke up…I was that shy little 8 year old poet once again, but with a renewed sense of Vitality and Purpose. I promised myself right then and there that I will never again abandon her, that I will walk through life with her by my side, as I continue exposing my Heart and Soul to the world…Sometimes “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to cut it…I am Grateful to you for your Honesty, Enthusiasm and Loving Spirit…not to mention, you’re SO F*****g Cool!!!”  -Nancy

“Thanks again for doing this sample class.  It was a heart opening experience.”  -Patranila, Actress

“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop.  I ended up writing more on the subway on my way home last night and think I will continue to do so through the weekend.  It was great to hear how uninhibited the other women were.  It’s quite inspiring to me.”  -Vera

About Release Obstacles Yoga & Writing Workshop with Robin Pickering

“The best treat I’ve had in a LONG time!”  –Lousine, 30, Television Editor

“I’ve been to so many seminars and workshops, but this one, I must say, was really special.  The combination of yoga, writing, sharing, laughing and connecting was so refreshing, and quite honestly, very much needed.  Thank you for putting together such a fun workshop.  I met so many amazing women and felt connected to everyone in the group.  All the exercises were fun and invigorating.  I can’t wait to go to the next one!”  –Dali, Business Owner & Marketing Executive

“I loved Sunday…thank you Jen and Robin for leading us all to greatness.”  –Jen, 33, Writer

About Celebrate Your Voice! Six-Week Class

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  This class has been amazing!  It was everything I expected and so much more.  The goals I had coming into class have all been met – it pushed my limits, forced me to delve in further and made me more comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings.  I am grateful for what it has opened up in me…All of the assignments are fun, exciting, unique and juicy!  Absolutely fabulous!”  -Julie, 33, Event Planner

“First of all, thank you Jen for creating this writing workshop.  It felt so great to just be free and moving and alive and writing without any censors… or naysayer voices telling me I have no time…it empowers me to be around women who are on the path of self-knowledge, self-growth, self-praise….willing to let go of the negative to pursue their dreams.”  –Sara, 30+, Investor Relations

“I love being in your class, it is by far the best class I’ve EVER taken.  I’m so inspired and open, what a powerful way to start my writing career.”  –Adele, 32, Yoga Teacher/Event Planner

“I was hesitant to take this class, as I have never considered myself a good writer and have not been very interested in writing in general, but I decided to try something new and it has been one of the most exciting things I have done for myself!  It’s fun, daring and an expression of your life!  I look forward to writing now in my free time…”  –Karen, 34, Broker/Calligrapher

“Jennifer Garam is inspirational, she opens the door to the path of creativity and boundless opportunity.  Her writing is her own voice she holds nothing back, as her student it created a safe and open space for me to delve deeper into my own life.  She is true, authentic, loving, and one of the greatest writing instructors I will ever have.”  –Rachel, 22, Operations Assistant

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