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Writing for Women

Writeous Chicks® is passionately committed to empowering women to tap into and celebrate their own unique voices, while promoting self-acceptance and self-trust; and to building and sustaining a creative community of women in which to encourage and support themselves & each other.

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WRITE NOW: Writing Workshop for Women

This class is for women at ALL LEVELS of writing — from brand-new beginners to experienced pros. All that matters is that you have an interest in writing and a desire to write.

As women, we carry stories that shape and define who we are. We may long to express ourselves and tell our stories, but there are always reasons to keep our words locked up inside us and our voices silenced.

Maybe you’re too busy and don’t have time to put your pen to the page, are afraid of being judged if you say what you really think and show who you really are, or doubt that you have anything truly of value to say. In this safe, supportive environment, you’ll begin to let go of your excuses so you can raise your voice, tell your stories, and just WRITE NOW!

This workshop will be comprised of a brief lecture, freewriting exercises, and group discussion. In this session you will:

  • Break through blocks
  • Focus on finding and strengthening your writing voice
  • Write new material from your own experiences — in a simple, playful, non-angsty way
  • Set the foundation for developing a consistent writing practice
  • Learn the importance of self-care, self-acceptance, and self-trust to creativity
  • Have fun!

Check back for dates & times for next session.



Write Your Motherf*cking Project
A Six-Week Writing Workshop for Memoir, Fiction, and Personal Essays
(this workshop is co-ed)

Do you have something that you’ve been burning to write? That’s been circling around at the edges of your mind? And that you’ve maybe been putting off for some future time that hasn’t quite ever arrived?

It’s time to WRITE IT!

In this class, each person will work on a project of their choice — memoir, fiction, or personal essays — and bring in pages to workshop. There will also be some lecture on craft and practical aspects of writing, (gentle, constructive) feedback and critique, and a structure for accountability. So whether you have the very first glimmers of an idea, a fully fleshed out concept, or a portion of your project written but stalled out and tucked away in the back of some dark drawer, this workshop will be a place for you to develop it at whatever phase it’s in.

Check back for dates & times for next session.

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